Meet your instructor

Hello! I’m Beth Townsend from CakePro shop. I would love to tell you a little about myself. To start off with I’m completely obsessed with cake! It seems most of what I do is cake related in some way. I love to challenge myself with making cakes bigger better and more risky. I think that’s what helps keep it interesting and keeps the passion going, a touch of stubbornness helps also.

My background I believe has helped me tremendously in this sugar industry. When I was younger I was an avid crafter, I loved to figure out how to make things. That aspect is what helped me figure out structures and supports, also using the tools I had on hand to complete the task. Rather than go out and buy a specific tool. Later my profession for 17 years was Faux finishing. There, I was self taught on how to paint murals and add texture to walls and furniture. Many of the same techniques that I apply to cake making today.

My theory on how to get the job done:

Of course we all get those crazy cake orders that seem almost impossible, but we can’t seem to help ourselves to say, YES! of course I can make you a 3 foot tall standing alligator on 1 leg holding an apple in one hand. Than cringe at the thought on how we will possibly get it done.

That’s where the stubbornness kicks in and we just have to figure it out. I take the lessons from my painting career and use them here. The most important lesson being from my boss ( who was my father) he would hand me the tools, paint and a photo of what he finished project should look like and say ” here are your tools, I need it to look exactly like this and I need it done by tomorrow”. I would look up with a blank stare and say ” umm how do I make this wood look like black onyx marble?” he would simply say ” figure it out” I’m so grateful to him for allowing me so often to just figure it out under pressure. So, there is my method for cakes. JUST FIGURE IT OUT! I have done so much figuring it out with cakes I want to share my methods with you. I understand how frustrating it is to be confused on what steps to take first to get the project started. I hope that my methods will help you in your caking.

The whole point of this is to have fun and make people happy. I mean come on, we have the best job ever! We get to make people smile everyday with our cakes. Typically people don’t order cakes for unpleasant occasions. There’s no better feeling than working all night to get a cake done that your proud of , walk it in to the venue and have everyone’s jaws drop. It’s so gratifying. It motivated me to work harder and do better each time.

It is key to have a good support system. You need someone who understands what you’re trying to do. Basically you need someone who can talk you off the ledge when a cake that you worked on all night falls apart just before delivery. (I have been there) the best advice I can give is to remember that it’s just cake. Cry a little, clean up the mess, eat the cake lol and start over. It’s ok to have failures, they will only push you to work harder and figure out how this happened so it won’t happen again in the future.

Don’t be scared to try new things that you’re unsure of. Feel free to think outside the box. There is no one set way to do things, make it your own. I hope you find as much enjoyment in creating cakes as I do. You can find inspiration in so many things; let your imagination run wild. Happy caking!