About Us

Hello from CakePro Shop!

Cakes are so much more than dessert to me. I see them as expressive, edible works of art that are symbols of happiness. Cakes are the focal point of birthdays, weddings and celebrations of all types.

They may not last forever and are usually eaten in a day, but the memories of them last a lifetime through photographs.

That’s why I built a career around cake decorating and poured my talent and hard work into fulfilling my clients vision of the perfect cake. There is an art to applying fondant, making characters out of modeling chocolate, and sculpting baked goods.

I will teach you everything I know through my custom cake video lessons so you can impress friends, family and your clients like a CakePro.


Each lesson gives you the perfect mix of technique and instruction to construct and decorate beautiful cakes:

  • Preparation of decorations and supplies
  • Stacking and sculpting cake
  • Applying ganache and fondant
  • Creating textures and characters features
  • Adding details and shape definition
  • Airbrushing and color choices
  • Finishing techniques

We will get you started decorating cakes in a relaxed fun way without technical terms or tools. You will be able to apply my methods to many other cake forms and use these techniques in many ways.

Browse our many cake lessons, you will be amazed at what you can create”


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