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We have many fun and creative cake decorating classes to offer for the beginner to the advanced. Let’s get started: Look through the lessons and pick one that appeals to you. After you purchase it, it will be in the “my lessons” link next to the log-in at the top right of your screen. Your streaming lessons are yours to view, as many times as you like, forever!

Many of the techniques that we will teach you can be applied in so many other cake applications. We hope you have fun making cakes alongside us and let us help you create beautiful masterpieces and techniques that you can use for years to come.


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  • about1Cakes are so much more than dessert to me. I see them as expressive edible works of art that are symbols of happiness. Cakes are the focal point of birthdays, weddings and celebrations of all types.

    They may not last forever and they are usually eaten in a day but the memories of them last a lifetime through photographs.

    That’s why I built a career around cake decorating and poured my talent into fulfilling my clients vision of the perfect cake.

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